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Personal GPS Tracking

    Version 2.0 has recently been released. The big changes in version 2.0 are:-

  • The GPS tracking app has now been developed to run on the latest Android OS
  • More user functionality has been added that allows use of multimedia and online editing of recorded tracks.
  • Recorded tracks can now be grouped into 'trips' and multimedia added to bring your past adventures to life.
  • Recorded tracks can be download in KML format to allow you enjoy them all over again on Google Earth and Google Streetview.
Using UK based entire trips can be recorded and viewed via the web site:
You can also drill down to see tracks for certain dates and times and add multimedia:
The Geotracker Android app can also be used as a personal locator and alert designated persons if you require help.
Below is a diagram of how the Geotracker Android app and it's 'Panic Alert' works: